Home remedies for treating a common cold

You don’t have to visit the hospital every time you have a common cold or flu. A common cold can be easily treated at home with simple ingredients that can be found at home. Since a common cold is a viral infection, most of the drugs only reduce the symptoms but not completely cure a cold. The best way to treat a common cold is by using the natural ingredients that are available in your kitchen. Here are some of the ways of treating a common cold using home remedies.

Treating a common cold

Chicken soup

Chicken soup is a good comforting food when you have a common cold. The best remedy for a common cold is to stay hydrated and hot chicken soup will help you with hydration. The chicken soup will help in clearing the mucus in the airwaves and help you in quick recovery. In addition to clearing the mucus, chicken soup also can fight bacterial and viral. After recovering from the common cold, your immune system will be boosted, and you won’t be able to catch a cold in a long time.

Ginger in boiled water

Putting some ginger in boiled water is also a good way to fight the common cold. Ginger has soothing effects especially for coughs and sore throat. The best way to take ginger is by putting a few slices in boiled water and drinking the juice. The ginger will also help in preventing nausea because of its taste in your mouth.

Honey and lemon

A blend of honey and lemon is the perfect cold remedy. It is highly encouraged to take the mixture while hot so that it can help in clearing the mucus. Lemon has vitamin c, and it is effective in boosting the immune and helps with quick recovery. Honey, on the other hand, has antibacterial properties, and it will help in fighting the cold in the fastest way possible. Honey will also sweeten the mixture and make it easy for you to drink.


Salty water

Salty water is a good remedy for a sore throat and all you need is to use it to gargle the back of your throat. Make sure that the water is warm and it is not very concentrated. The salty water is a good antibacterial solution, and it will help in clearing the bacteria in your throat. It will also clear the mucus.