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Surviving Allergy

Tips For Surviving Allergy Season

Most people suffer from seasonal allergies. Mold spores, pollen grains from weeds, grasses, and trees can leave an individual as miserable as catching a cold. A person can cure any allergy reactions like curing a cold. However, with the right tactics and medications, a person will be able to survive the changing allergy seasons and be nearly symptom-free. It is vital to know these five tips for surviving allergy season.

Five tips that can help one survive allergy season.

1. Clear the airTips For Surviving Allergy Season

All people who suffer from seasonal allergies should invest in air purifying devices. These devices will help in removal of all allergies and any other indoor pollutants. Therefore, it will make it easier for one to breathe. It is always advisable for an individual to keep one device in his or her bedroom during nighttime in order to avoid symptoms when waking up. An individual can just purchase another device for his or her living room, or move his or her bedroom unit to the living area during the daytime.

2. Close windows

During pollen grain season, it is important for an individual to keep any allergens out of his or her home. Ensuring that windows are kept shut, especially during the daytime when the pollen counts are high, is crucial. Air conditioning will help in filtering out some of the irritants when one is keeping cool.

3. Suck it up

Tips For Surviving Allergy SeasonA person should also vacuum his furniture, floors, and curtains. When cleaning the furniture, floors, and curtains, it is important to wipe down all dusty surfaces. This is because dust is an allergen itself. It is important to clean the house also. When cleaning the house, pollen grain and dust will be stirred up. Therefore, it is paramount for an individual to cover his or her face, particularly in case he or she become symptomatic.

4. Consider covering the face

In case a person is having an adverse reaction and he or she cannot stop sneezing, then he or she should consider wearing a face mask that is meant for filtering pollutants in the air. Also, one can consider spending some few minutes breathing through a dish cloth or a wet paper towel.

5. Wash it off

Consider taking a shower. For sure, airborne allergens will stick to an individual’s hair and skin. If one cannot bathe thoroughly, he or she can wash the face to relief himself or herself temporarily.
The tips mentioned above for surviving allergy season can help you combat the effect of the most seasonal allergens and stay symptom-free.

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