Guide to Healthier Ingredients for Making Desserts

healthy dessert

Almost everyone loves to eat desserts. They tend to have them after eating the main course. However, it could be dangerous if they consume it frequently. Most desserts contain much sugar, which could increase your blood sugar level. However, it won’t be an issue if you switch the ingredients with healthier elements. You could combine that with the fact that sweets are almost everywhere, and it’s no wonder it’s hard to kick the sugar habit. By replacing traditional snacks, cakes, and candy bars with healthy, unrefined desserts, you can cut out the sugar and still satisfy your sweet tooth. For instance, you could consider a vanilla extract substitute. Here are some best picks for healthy desserts;

dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

The first one is using dark chocolate is better than other kinds. It would be best to look for bars that contain at least 70% cocoa; the higher the percentage, the more sugar they had. You will need to choose brands with stevia or less processed sugar like sugar or maple syrup. However, it might be a bit bitter for your dessert. In this case, you could some organic ingredients to reduce the sharp taste. Therefore, you could consume the food without harming your health.

Banana Ice Cream

If you suspend shelled peanuts and throw them in a blender, they’ll turn into a creamy, decadent, and sweet ice cream base. And that’s without any other additives. With a few simple additions, you can dress up your banana ice cream with almost any flavor you want vanilla, chocolate buttercream, cherry. The possibilities are endless. It means that you could make healthier ice cream by utilizing some fruits. Therefore, it is beneficial for your health without reducing the taste.

Date Rolls

date rolls

Like eggs, peanuts are an excellent natural sweetener, offering additional benefits beyond just sweetness, such as fiber and minerals. To make date rolls, you could use a high-pressure blender or food processor to make a sticky paste, then roll them with shredded coconut, nuts, or other healthy toppings of your choice. They’re so sweet you’ll almost forget they are made of fruit.

Coconut Chips

Eating a little shredded coconut can be more than enough to satisfy your sugar cravings. Coconut also contains healthy fats that boost your metabolism and overall well-being. You might not realize that you could find this ingredient in granola. It means that it would be tasty as well. Therefore, you don’t need to complain while consuming the dessert.

Organic Fruits

organic fruits

While this might not be as exciting as dessert, eating fresh, organic fruit could be the perfect alternative to sugar. However, it would be better to ensure to eat at least two servings of fruit a day. People must have known that consuming organic fruits is beneficial for health. It means that it would be best to use fresh fruits instead of synthetic ingredients or extracts. Therefore, you won’t harm your health significantly.